Our church began in 1991 with just four founding members. We bounced around Orange Park in the early years from location to location until we began renting our current location on Blanding Blvd. Our building almost became a buffet when Golden Corral made a deal to buy it. But thankfully they decided to build down the street, and we were able to make this location our permanent home!

Our mission is to develop worshipers of Jesus who are growing in the gospel and going with the gospel. Our vision is to be a community of believers who:

- Are shaped by the gospel

- Are devoted to the Bible

- Are led by the Spirit

- Are worshiping God wholeheartedly

- Are loving others sacrificially

We call ourselves Community Bible Church for specific reasons. First, we are a “community” church because we are a community of believers who are committed to each other and the community around us. Second we are a “Bible" church because we believe the Bible is God’s Word and make it central to everything we do. Third, we are unapologetically a “church"--just a small part of the bigger Church which Jesus promised to build worldwide.