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Gentle and Lowly

Join us in reading "Gentle and Lowly", by Dane Ortlund. Our goal in reading is to encourage each other to reflect on Jesus' heart for his people. Each Tuesday, new conversation starters will be posted to help facilitate real community-building connections throughout the week. Our hope is that we will all walk away from our time in this book encouraged, unified as a church body, and better connected with each other as we've grown to understand Jesus' heart better.

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Conversation Starters

Chapter 13: Why the Spirit?


  1. It was said that the Spirit makes the heart of Christ real to us, not just at an intellectual level but felt and enjoyed (122). Why does this matter?
  2. In what way is the work of the Spirit in magnifying the loving heart of Christ compared to binoculars, and why does that ensure an accurate picture of his heart? (124)
  3. Read Romans 5:5. How does this support the teaching of this chapter?