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Theological education that equips disciples to think, worship, and work with the mind of Christ: All of Theology for All of Life.

FALL 2019 - Biblical Theology (Sept. 17 - Nov. 19)

Course Description: Biblical theology is the discipline of learning how to read the Bible as one story by one divine author that culminates in the person and work of Christ, so that every part of Scripture is understood in relation to Christ.

Course Textbooks:
1) T. Desmond Alexander, From Eden to the New Jerusalem
2) Daniel I. Block, Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship: For the Glory of God

Two books are offered for the required reading. Alexander’s book is an introductory level book while Block’s is more at the intermediate level. You are only required to read one. If you have questions of which one you should choose please contact John Sweat.

Alexander’s book is for the beginner entering into the field of Biblical Theology. Alexander does a tremendous job of taking the various themes of Scripture and showing how they unfold from Genesis to Revelation in a very concise and basic way. After reading Alexander’s book you will have a solid handle on the whole of Scripture.

If you are already familiar with Biblical Theology, then you can read Block’s book. Block takes the theme of worship and traces it from Genesis to Revelation. Likewise in this book you will gain a solid handle on the whole of Scripture but from the lens of worship. This book is larger than Alexander’s so you are only required to read 200 pages from it of your choosing.

If you purchase a book at the time of registration, then you do not need to buy the book. The book cost is included in your registration payment (as long as you did not select register only, which is simply $10), and you can pick up your copy of the book at the registration table at church.

The course is 10 weeks in length, with meetings every Tuesday night from 7-8pm. Child care will be provided during classtime. If you need child care, please indicate on the registration form.

Registration closes September 10th, a week before the course begins. To sign up now, click here!

If you have any questions, John Sweat can be contacted at