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Community College

Community College


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Theological education that equips disciples to think, worship, and work with the mind of Christ: All of Theology for All of Life.


10 Week Reading Course
Book- Sinclair Ferguson’s The Whole Christ
*Dates and Registration will open around April 1.

FALL 2020

OT502- Old Testament Survey II
August 25- November 17
*Registration will open on July 1.



OT501- Old Testament Survey I
Course Dates and Duration
February 4- April 28 (10 weeks)
Weekly on Tuesday nights at Community Bible Church of Orange Park from 7:00-8:30pm.
Course Description
The course will survey roughly half of  the Old Testament. Each book’s historical context, provenance, themes, events, and figures will be explored. The general structure of each book will be highlighted alongside of each books unity within the redemptive story of Scripture.
Learning Objectives
1.     Establish a foundation for further study of the Old Testament through learning its main figures, events, and themes
2.     Gain an understanding of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, Jesus’ Bible
3.     Understand the great themes and unique features of the individual OT books
4.     Reflect on the usefulness of the OT for Christian life and ministry
5.     See the beauty of the Gospel in the Old Testament Scriptures.
Course Textbook
The course required reading for both OT501 and OT502 will be reading the Old Testament books or selected portions of those books (the syllabus will lay out the exact texts that need to be read before each lecture) that correspond with lecture that week.
However, Jason DeRouchie’s book What the Old Testament Authors Really Cared About: A Survey of Jesus’ Bible is an excellent resource for reading the Old Testament that is strongly recommended that you consider buying. This book will not only help you in taking both Old Testament Survey courses, but it will also continue to be in valuable resource that you can consult once the courses are over.
Course Registration Fee

Registration Deadline
February 3, 2020 

Child care will be provided during classtime. If you need child care, please indicate on the registration form.

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In Christ
John Sweat Jr.
Hebrews 6:13-14