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Worship Preparation Guide


CBC Family,


You can listen to Sunday’s songs here, and song lyrics are on our blog and in the digital hymnal on our app.

On Sunday, we’re going to read Psalm 45. Psalm 45 is a royal psalm - a psalm written about the eternal kingdom that God promised to King David, a promise that culminates, of course, in Jesus Christ. Royal psalms often flow between language that describes a human, contemporary king and language that obviously describes someone and something bigger than the kingdom of Israel, but they always point us squarely at Jesus, the true and perfect King who rules forever in righteousness and peace. This psalm, in particular, was also a wedding song that was sung at royal marriage ceremonies, foreshadowing the wedding feast of Christ and his bride, the Church. We rejoice when we read it because we know the King, in his power and beauty and glory. We are beloved subjects of his rule, and part of his bride. We say, with the scripture, that there is no one more beautiful or more worthy than King Jesus.

To prepare for Sunday, read Psalm 45.



Pastor Joseph