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Worship Preparation Guide


CBC Family,


You can listen to Sunday’s songs here, and song lyrics are on our blog and in the digital hymnal on our app.

This Sunday, we’ll read responsively from Psalm 51 in a time of corporate confession. If you’ve been around our church for any length of time, you know that we consistently talk about our sin and have regular times built into our services for us to acknowledge and confess our sin. This is a vital part of what it means to be in community as followers and worshipers of Jesus. We are, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer put it, “a fellowship of sinners.” Confessing together that we are still struggling with sin encourages us in the fight. We link arms with our brothers and sisters, standing in solidarity in both the struggle and in resolve to, by the grace of God, forsake our sin and pursue holiness. 

But confession should also encourage us to turn in desperation and confidence to Christ. The gospel tells us that God no longer remembers our sin against us; instead, he sees us as righteous in Christ. Christians are not left hopelessly bearing the weight and condemnation of sin. For this reason, we’ll never end a service with confession! We confess, but we turn our attention to our Savior’s righteousness imputed to us, and to his ongoing work of pleading his own blood and righteousness for us before the Father.

To prepare for Sunday, read Psalm 51.



Pastor Joseph