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CBC Worship Preparation Guide


CBC Family, 

You can listen to Sunday’s songs here
To prepare for Sunday, read Acts 2:22-36. 
This passage records Peter’s scathing rebuke of Jewish leaders for the crucifixion of Christ. What’s really amazing about his words, though, is the fact that, even as he tells the Jews that they are responsible for murdering the Son of God, he tells them everything that happened was according to the Father’s definite plan and foreknowledge. The death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation for God’s elect, and the Son’s glorification all went according to plan; God did exactly what he intended to do. 
This is cause for awe and rejoicing, for several reasons. First, and most obviously, this has accomplished salvation for ruined sinners like you and me. What we could not do for ourselves, God has done for us through Christ. Second, and related to that, Christ is exalted, ruling over his people and sending us his Spirit – not just to Jewish people, but to Gentiles as well. We are included in the covenant promises of God! Finally, think about the implications of the crucifixion being “according to God’s definite plan.” He used the single most heinous act in human history to accomplish his purpose; can we not rest in his sovereign love and faithfulness in our lives? If God used the murder of Jesus for his design, will he not use your sickness, your broken marriage, your loneliness, your pain for his glory and your good? 
Let’s pray this week that God would root the gospel deeply in our minds and hearts, and that his Spirit would move us to worship and faith in response. 

Sunday School: Unity in the Cross // In 1 Corinthians 1:10-31 we are given direction and truth to guide our hearts and conduct toward unity. In this session we will see that our unity must be grounded in biblical convictions, not popular personalities. We will also contrast the wisdom and power this world has to offer with the wisdom and power displayed at the cross, which will show us that our unity is furthered as we boast only in the wisdom and power of our glorious Lord.
Pastor Joseph